halfway there/livin on a prayer

ok kids. 4 quarters down. 4 to go. here's what we're lookin at for 5th quarter....

Publication Design - concept a magazine start to finish -- cover, table o' contents, letter from the editor, several article layouts, etc. we're required to do the photography for atleast one of the articles so im looking forward to that.

Digital 2 - take a project from a previous quarter and adapt it for an interactive web based...thing. microsite, banner ad, email campaign, viral video

Advanced Branding - alot like Branding, but a little more advanced.

Design Deathmatch - as intense as it sounds. 10 weeks, 6 projects. once an assignment is given, we have either a week or two weeks to concept, design, print, craft, and photograph the project. our finished pdf is sent to a handful of senior designers around the country who critique the work and judge it from 1-10. the student with the highest score gets an A for the week. the lowest score gets an F. everyone else gets their respective grade depending on their placement. there will also be some overnight assignments, but there's only a winner for those. my sister, who is ahead of me at the Circus, took this last quarter and was the overall winner for the class. thank you, Sara, for giving me some nice big shoes that I can't fill.

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