Bring on the Kool-Aid

Gloria surprised me with an early birthday present this afternoon. She bought me an iPhone. After several months of watching me rewind every new iPhone commercial on tv I think she got the hint.

Now, I've messed with a few people's iPhones before and obviously I thought they were an impressive piece of technology. But after a full evening of really getting into the thing and seeing what seems to be only a fraction of what its capable of, I have to say - I'm thoroughly impressed and I'm proud to be a late adopter of the iPhone and the cult-esque hype that comes with it. Bring on the Kool-Aid.

At first I thought the "Apps" were a bit of a gimmick, but again, many of those have impressed me as well. My favorite so far is the Shazam app. This thing literally listens to a portion of a song and compares it to a database of what has to be hundreds of thousands of songs and can tell you the song, artist, and album in less than 10 seconds. Amazing.