Personal Logo

I totally forgot about this thing. I made it in my first quarter at the Circus as part of a "personal logo" assignment.


How much for da women?

A while back I sold some of my ceramic stuff on etsy. Now that I no longer have access to that stuff, Ive decided to see what kind of response I get with other creations. As of now I have only posted one thing, but I'm gonna try to add some more while I've got a couple weeks off of school.


Taking out the garbage

Here's a guy that recently changed his gallery style art/design site to a more update-friendly blog style. His life is devoted to ridding the earth of design garbage by flooding it with images of his own work. Check out his stuff here.

i love lamp

i made a lamp. i was for my Design Concepts class. the official assignment was "a design free-for-all" - something that allowed us to show our own personality. i dont know how much this shows my personality, but it was fun to make.

the body is made of chicken wire under a layer of tissue paper under a layer of dried corn stalk leaves. the base is a baking sheet. yeah. a baking sheet. eat your heart out Marcel.