color me badd

took a break from doing 'real' work to mess around with a photoshop coloring technique i learned about last quarter. i'd like to be able to claim the drawing, but sadly i cannot. im merely a fancy coloring book artist.


Shoot em up.

Shooters: The gentleman's game of marbles. Not quite finished. I'll put up some final pics when that time comes.


i can see your lips moving

final assignment for Illustration for Designers class. taught by the legendary Mr. Robert Lee - 1/2 of the duo that makes up Methane Studios.

up in smoke

here's the newest and final project for my packaging class. we were first asked to pick a place outside of the U.S. that we'd like to visit -(i picked london)- then design packaging for either a 6-pack of beer, a pound of coffee beans, or a pack of cigarettes. the design premise is that these are products imported to the U.S. from said country. i'm already working on alcohol and coffee products this qtr. so i felt like cigarettes were the logical choice. the name is inspired (taken) from The Tube - the name for their subway system. they will be packaged inside a cardboard tube (clever, i know) for an overall tube theme. probably some sort of freudian thing there. anyway, after critique this morning, i'm going to try to mesh the mod designs of the top 4 with the vintage feel of the bottom 2.



in addition to the Eco-Furniture site, im re-designing the World Beard and Mustache Championships site. HERE's the current site in all it's glory.


eco furniture

web-design class. *farrrrrrt*

THIS is the original site.


Laundry Lounge

A couple logo options for a rebranding of The Laundry Lounge - a laundromat and coffee shop combo.

The Ignored

First mock up for a book cover: The Ignored by Bentley Little. The book is about a guy thats so extremely ordinary that eventually people forget about him the instant they see him. Hence the embossing. Peep that sweet photography too. Hooboy.


bulb packaging 2

another super high-tech photo for ya.


blinded by the light. bulb.

the first assignment of my new packaging class is to use a piece of 11x14 piece of posterboard to suspend/protect a lightbulb inside a 6"L x 4"W x 4"D cardboard box. we'll try 2 different designs and ship both to my teacher's studio in hopes that the bulbs dont break. here's a quick shot of my first design.


im finished with my CD case project and thought y'all might want to see the end product. there are cards on the inside -- one side has lyrics, the other has a crop of a larger image that makes up the water cycle.


Personal Logo

I totally forgot about this thing. I made it in my first quarter at the Circus as part of a "personal logo" assignment.


How much for da women?

A while back I sold some of my ceramic stuff on etsy. Now that I no longer have access to that stuff, Ive decided to see what kind of response I get with other creations. As of now I have only posted one thing, but I'm gonna try to add some more while I've got a couple weeks off of school.


Taking out the garbage

Here's a guy that recently changed his gallery style art/design site to a more update-friendly blog style. His life is devoted to ridding the earth of design garbage by flooding it with images of his own work. Check out his stuff here.

i love lamp

i made a lamp. i was for my Design Concepts class. the official assignment was "a design free-for-all" - something that allowed us to show our own personality. i dont know how much this shows my personality, but it was fun to make.

the body is made of chicken wire under a layer of tissue paper under a layer of dried corn stalk leaves. the base is a baking sheet. yeah. a baking sheet. eat your heart out Marcel.


mo logos

The Flying Loaf (?)
(i think i accidentally channeled Charlie's whiskey angels on this. sorry 'bout that.)

The Rolling Pin

Boxing Matches


songs about the weather

workin on some CD packaging. here are the initial illustrations. the song lyrics will be mounted on cards that you can put together to make an image of the water cycle. i'll take pics of the final product once its finished.


books are for sissies

just finished some final touches on this book cover assignment. they're all conceptual and stuff.


birds and the beers: two new logos

im taking a logos class. Trademarks 2 to be exact. anyway, this is one of my first tries to vectorize a couple sketches. Darwin Records is an actual record label. the beer one is just somethin' i made up. still trying to figure out which version to go with. class is taught by Dac Austen. check out his site here.

ok kids. i've avoided it long enough. its time for me to join the blogger club. i've been creating tons of work over the past 8 months and i'd like to have somewhere to show it off. i'd like to use this space to plug inspirational stuff also. we wont go countin' eggs here or anything. let's take it one blog at a time...