mo logos

The Flying Loaf (?)
(i think i accidentally channeled Charlie's whiskey angels on this. sorry 'bout that.)

The Rolling Pin

Boxing Matches


songs about the weather

workin on some CD packaging. here are the initial illustrations. the song lyrics will be mounted on cards that you can put together to make an image of the water cycle. i'll take pics of the final product once its finished.


books are for sissies

just finished some final touches on this book cover assignment. they're all conceptual and stuff.


birds and the beers: two new logos

im taking a logos class. Trademarks 2 to be exact. anyway, this is one of my first tries to vectorize a couple sketches. Darwin Records is an actual record label. the beer one is just somethin' i made up. still trying to figure out which version to go with. class is taught by Dac Austen. check out his site here.

ok kids. i've avoided it long enough. its time for me to join the blogger club. i've been creating tons of work over the past 8 months and i'd like to have somewhere to show it off. i'd like to use this space to plug inspirational stuff also. we wont go countin' eggs here or anything. let's take it one blog at a time...