throwin bones

i've been meaning to throw ol' Charlie a bone on here for a while. he did the same for me on his bloggidy blog this afternoon so i figured now would be a good time. anyway, theres quite a few blogs that i visit on a regular basis, but this one has made it past the bookmarks drop-down menu and into the ranks of the bookmarks toolbar. thats serious.

check ch check check check a check it out.

and he's totally into graffiti. such a major graffiti artist. he'll tag like anything. you should totally ask him to do some graffiti for you cause i bet he would do it in a heartbeat probably for free.


widgets are stupid.

reworked my Landry Lounge widget to have that retro feel of a laundromat. i think i like the new one better.



Sent my Dories pdf to TheDieline and the guy that heads up the whole operation, Andrew Gibbs, was nice enough to post it for the whole internets to see.


HDR: first try

After researching a little (ok, alot) I thought I'd give HDR a try when hanging out with my buddy Jonny the other night. I'm not gonna go into the details of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, but here's the basics: you put your digital camera on a tripod and take atleast 3 photos. One is at the correct exposure, one is over and one is underexposed. Using photoshop, you combine the photos in order to get the most detail possible out of your shadows, highlights, and everywhere in between. The top photo is my end product. The bottom is what my camera said was a correctly exposed image. Check out Flickr for some awesome, good, and really terrible examples of HDR photography.