lil' sump'm extra

for those of you who requested a post, sara heres a painting of an armpit i did in college.

Deathmatch: week 2

I win. All scores from the judges ranged from 8 to 10, with an avg. of 8.8
>>screen shots of the pdf here.


goodbyes aren't easy. but sometimes they are.

my new phone came in the mail yesterday. which is nice and all, but that means saying goodbye to a 4 year relationship with my old one. jonny suggested i use it for the cornerstone if gloria and i ever build a house. for now it'll be a retired life of drinking whatever cell phones drink from a beer helmet.


Deathmatch: week 1 (part 2)

results are in. 3rd place. apparently i left off lines for the 3 overnight winners, as did 3 or 4 other kids in class. one of the four judges gave everyone that forgot these lines a big fat zero. so, whatevs.


Deathmatch: week 1

first challenge: create the poster for this quarter's class. the poster will hang up at school and the names of the winner and loser added after the end of each challenge. everyone was given 3 fortune cookies. we're allowed to use the words from the fortunes as our word bank to create a tag line for the class. we're also allowed to add 3 words if needed. poster must also include the words "design deathmatch", "winner/loser", along with lines for writing in people's names.

we had to come up with our tagline for the overnight challenge. i chose "have a nice week." didn't win. meh. poster design soon to follow....


time to make the dolphins

my beautiful new wife told me last night that it was time to design her school's Field Day shirts and asked me if i would take the job. above, you'll find her crafty concepting skills and my copycat design work. apparently student council voted on it today and this was the winner. kind of exciting in its own little way, but im really hoping my i wasn't up against a bunch of elementary schoolers.

halfway there/livin on a prayer

ok kids. 4 quarters down. 4 to go. here's what we're lookin at for 5th quarter....

Publication Design - concept a magazine start to finish -- cover, table o' contents, letter from the editor, several article layouts, etc. we're required to do the photography for atleast one of the articles so im looking forward to that.

Digital 2 - take a project from a previous quarter and adapt it for an interactive web based...thing. microsite, banner ad, email campaign, viral video

Advanced Branding - alot like Branding, but a little more advanced.

Design Deathmatch - as intense as it sounds. 10 weeks, 6 projects. once an assignment is given, we have either a week or two weeks to concept, design, print, craft, and photograph the project. our finished pdf is sent to a handful of senior designers around the country who critique the work and judge it from 1-10. the student with the highest score gets an A for the week. the lowest score gets an F. everyone else gets their respective grade depending on their placement. there will also be some overnight assignments, but there's only a winner for those. my sister, who is ahead of me at the Circus, took this last quarter and was the overall winner for the class. thank you, Sara, for giving me some nice big shoes that I can't fill.


happy new year + one week everyone. time to start a new quarter of design shenannigans. but first i'd like to share wedding photos for anyone who might be interested.

...its not a direct link, but you're smart. you can figure it out.