Illustration for my publications class.


Deathmatch: weeks 5-6

a 2 week challenge here. create a serif version of helvetica. barely and surprisingly took the W. check it.


Laundry Lounge continued

I'm taking The Laundry Lounge digital. Designing a website, widget, and microsite. Website is pretty straight forward. The concept of the widget is for those who are doing laundry and using wifi at The Laundry Lounge. It serves as a timer/alarm/card refill/magical time machine. Still working out the kinks on the time machine. The microsite is for students, since The Laundry Lounge is usually found on or near college campuses. Users can make their own flash cards, add to a pool of cards when in a study group, create a quiz, write dirty words, whatever.


Deathmatch: week 4

The assignment for this week was to create a t-shirt design for the school using their mission statement. The judges didn't like this one ( I dont remember what place I got but I think my final score was something like a 4.2 ). I dont mind it so much but thats probably cause its my design. Jeff also won this one. Oh, and Jeff was mysteriously attacked outside his home yesterday and I dont know anything about it. Weird.

Deathmatch: week 3

2nd place. It ain't first, but I'll take it. Congrats to Mr. Jeff Krichmar for the win. All of the screen shots of the pdf can be found here.