Bring on the Kool-Aid

Gloria surprised me with an early birthday present this afternoon. She bought me an iPhone. After several months of watching me rewind every new iPhone commercial on tv I think she got the hint.

Now, I've messed with a few people's iPhones before and obviously I thought they were an impressive piece of technology. But after a full evening of really getting into the thing and seeing what seems to be only a fraction of what its capable of, I have to say - I'm thoroughly impressed and I'm proud to be a late adopter of the iPhone and the cult-esque hype that comes with it. Bring on the Kool-Aid.

At first I thought the "Apps" were a bit of a gimmick, but again, many of those have impressed me as well. My favorite so far is the Shazam app. This thing literally listens to a portion of a song and compares it to a database of what has to be hundreds of thousands of songs and can tell you the song, artist, and album in less than 10 seconds. Amazing.


Been a while...

...and now its time to start putting my portfolio together. The plan is to shoot my own work. Tonight I thought I'd try some post production in photoshop with some old photos. The shadows and reflections still need work, but I like the overall look.


One can only dream...

This is pretty much the level at which I aspire to design. This shirt and so much more goodness to be found here.



Gotta love the ol' Google image search. Here's the number 1 result for Pete Lawton. The caption says I'm third from the right.


In the style of...

I had a photo assignment to take a pictures in the style of another photographer. I was given Irving Penn, known mostly for his studio portraits. Many thanks and doggie treats go out to Mr. Willie Nelson for all of his cooperation.


Past, Present, and Futura

Came across this little gem from first quarter today. The assignment was to make a poster displaying the history, weights, price, etc. of an assigned typeface.



The other day, Gloria brought home this sweet t-shirt I designed for her school. Actually, I shouldn't say I designed it. More like assembled some other people's graphic elements in the style of some other people's design. Either way, the school sold over $1000 more worth of these than they did for last year's "I [heart] DE" shirt.



Finally took some pics of some finished work. Here's my Shooters packaging from a couple qtrs. ago.